Gym Floors 101

Looking to restore your wood floors? Tasco Enterprises has the tools for you, from scrubbers, to mops, to urethane coatings, and everything else in between.


STEP 1: Avmor’s WF155

Citrus Wood Restorer 3.78 Litre Avmor

Avmor’s WF155 quickly and efficiently aids in the preparation of your wood floor, prior to coating. This citrus based restorer works in conjunction with maroon surface prep pad to quickly break down existing coatings in the critical preparation process wood floors receive, prior to recoating. Don’t let the pleasent smell fool you, WF155 is a real work horse and knows very well the job that needs to be done, in as quickly a manner as possible.


Step 2: Avmor’s WF154

Wood Floor Cleaner 3.78 Litre Avmor

Avmor’s WF154 is what you need after your wood floor has been resored! This residual free cleanerplays a critical role in the cleaning of a wood floor after it has been machine processed in preparation for Avmor’s Wood Floor Coating (WF725). Use of WF154 will ensure that the floor is properly cleaned and prepares the wood to accept the coating to be applied, ensuring bondability and ensures no delamination between the wood coating and the wood itself. WF154 is also the only cleaner you need when regular cleaning of your wood surface is done..


Step 3: Avmor’s WF725

Water-Based Urethane Fortified Wood Coating

Avmor’s WF725 provides maximum shine and dependable durability in record time. This very forgiving wood coating makes it a perfect choice for those facilities who wish to refinish their own wood floors. If you are looking for a product that dries in record time, performs like a traditional urethane, and is low in odour. WF725 is right for you.


Duratool T-Bar 24″ Heavy Weight

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