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Good Riddance Enzyme Odour Control


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GOOD RIDDANCE contains natural micro-organisms that will reduce unpleasant
odors that are created in restrooms by urine and feces. Unlike masking agents which
cover up problem areas, it will neutralize the foul odors at the source.

GOOD RIDDANCE cleans and leaves a unique bio-film on the treated surface which
helps to prevent any build-up of organic matter. It has a fast acting component that
has a residual effect lasting for several hours.

GOOD RIDDANCE is an environmentally responsible product that does not contain
any harsh solvents, acids or alkalis. The non-corrosive formulation leaves a pleasant
scent while maintaining its residual effect.

GOOD RIDDANCE should be your #1 choice for odor control in restrooms or
wherever unpleasant odors occur. Good Riddance can be used by hand spray, pump
spray or automated dispensing systems.

GOOD RIDDANCE can be added to automated dispensing systems for urinals or
toilets. The dilution will vary from 1:1 (1000 ml/L)(128 oz/gal) to 1:4 (250 ml/L)(32
oz/gal) depending on the severity of the nauseous odors.
Generally, manual spray will be at 1:4 (250 ml/L)(32 oz/gal), yet a second application
may be necessary under severe conditions. Let sit overnight and wash as usual the
next day.

For regular duty and maintenance, dilute Good Riddance 1:32 (32 ml/L)(4 oz/gal)
with water and spray generously on soiled surface. Let sit 3-5 minutes and clean
using a cloth, sponge or mop. No rinsing required.


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