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Bowl & Urinal Cleaner 23% Hydrochloric Acid 946ml


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BOWL CLEANER is a hydrochloric acid cleaner that effectively removes rust and hard water stains on toilet bowls and urinals. BOWL CLEANER has stable hard water tolerance that gives effective cleaning action even in hard water conditions.

Appearance Milky liquid
Colour White
Foam None
Odour Acidic
pH 0.5-1.5

Directions for Use

Cleaning and sanitizing Toilet Bowls:

1.Lower bowl water level by forcing water over trap with bowl mop or by pouring in a pail of water.

2.Hold bowl mop over toilet bowl and saturate with 60 to 90 ml (2 to 3 oz.) of bowl cleaner.

3.Clean bowl thoroughly especially under flush rings.

4.Flush toilet, rinsing bowl mop. Cleaning and sanitizing


1.Hold bowl mop over urinal and saturate with bowl cleaner.

2.Swab urinal surfaces thoroughly, including under flush rings.

3.Remove trap screen and pour 60 to 150 ml (2 to 5 oz.) of cleaner into and around drain outlet.

4.Swab drain outlet thoroughly, replace screen and flush urinal.


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