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Dispenser towel KC touchless metallic slimroll


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Scott®Control provides enhanced hygiene solutions for critical environments. With the Scott®Control Electronic Slimroll Dispensing System you have the benefit of a compact electronic dispenser designed to fit in tight spaces with a slim profile. The sleek design and touchless dispensing system helps to minimize the spread of dirt and germs all while providing 25% more hand dries over folded towels. The most efficient system on the market, the ultra-compact Scott®Control Slimroll allows you to mount the dispenser close to sinks and in tight places and keeping it close to the water helps reduce drips and slips. Simply place a hand under the dispenser to receive a nominal 10 inches of towel, a second sheet will dispense at 10% reduced length when activated within a few seconds of the first dispense. The dispenser is made of high impact plastic with translucent sides and white, opaque cover. The Slimroll Dispensing System is part of the Scott* Control Solutions from one of the world’s most trusted brands.

  • Quiet dispensing system & Quick load capability
  • Key or keyless entry option & 4 D-Cell batteries included
  • Includes lifetime warranty through Kimberly-Clark Professional
  • For use with corresponding Scott®Slimroll Paper Towel
  • Dispenses one 6” diameter, 580’ hard roll towel


Kimberly Clark