Become A Wholesale Customer

Does your business or facility require a consistent supply of janitorial products and sanitation supplies? Are you a retailer that is looking to sell products to local clients? Consider becoming a wholesale customer. By purchasing products in bulk, you can enjoy reduced handling times and purchase prices, allowing you to save money without compromising quality.

While retail customers can purchase small amounts of certain products as they need them, wholesale customers can purchase large quantities of products for reselling or keeping their facility well stocked. By purchasing items in bulk, wholesale customers can proactively stock their inventory, ensuring that they never miss out on a sale due to a lack of product. Wholesale purchasing can also be useful for large facilities that wish to minimize the number of times they need to order janitorial supplies.

Wholesale customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Modified pricing and cost savings.
  • Reduced handling of goods and faster shipping/delivery.
  • Customized orders based on your specific needs.
  • Easier inventory management and stocking by building larger orders.
  • Faster ordering and replenishment.

Want to become a wholesale customer? Get in touch with the team at Tasco Enterprises Ltd. today to learn more about eligibility or apply for a wholesale account below!


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